Monday, October 16, 2017

More pain More Gain

I just realised or actually, remembered something.

When I am in pain, I write more

When I am hurt, I talk more.

My mind get's cluttered and writing is the way to go.

I have a reminder that is permanent on my phone, to write blog every other night, so that I have content. I pretty much ignored it, as much as I ignored the notification for bedtimes. My mind and heart is so cluttered now. Perhaps it's time to start writing and then show the world, how a mid 30s year old Bazz is different from his late 20s.

More cam whoring I guess, more random status, and dear god more snap chat. I still can't get it to my head to actually look at the camera and say

Please like, subscribe and share this post to people. It feels so vapid in a way, am using the word Vapid correctly

I dunno....

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Individually Salty and Dry

I am not sure why, but I sure do get bitter living out here in my new position of my company, this required me  to live and travel with them. Somehow I am just over them already, like all of them. Is it because of the fasting month, where I have been spending it with my family since 2007 but suddenly here I am with a bunch of strangers. I don't give a shit.

At least I ensure I have enough relationship that I could theoretically work with them but at the same time a distance. I remember that anxiety I felt in school because I had to partner with someone. Like euww, no more now. I just don't give a shit.

Now though, I could not care less. Have my heart turned into stone? I mean why can't I mingle with them. Ah the teenage me is just screaming inside. The adult me would reply, "you have nothing in common with them"

You play League of Legends, they play Dota 2
You play Pokemon on the 3ds, they play Pokemon Go
You still play the PS3, while they are playing PS4
You prefer the city, they prefer the country side
You like public transport, they prefer to drive
You prefer small efficient cars, they prefer fast one
You like small homes, they like big mansions
You take your skin diligently, while they be like "what is soap?"
You love to bake and eat, while they love to eat out

I just refuse to bend over backwards for things that I am not interested in.